Home automation products

Home automation is a young but fast-growing field. The concept of using technology to control home appliances was first suggested decades ago, and in the past few years, the market has started to boom. With the development and adoption of new technology, more people have started to buy these products, and large companies, such as Google, Apple, Lenovo, Haier, Control4, Lutron, Crestron, etc have started to create and market their own products.



Buying direct is always a good idea. IKEA is a great company for families just starting to build their nests. However, when it comes to real wood, real leather couches, marble statues, and other valuable furniture and decor, it is best to communicate directly with the manufacturer.

Fabrics, clothes, accessories

The clothing industry is undergoing a serious revolution, due to the invention of all kinds of fabrics and materials. We are here to help you learn more about the clothing industry: eco-friendly fabrics, nanotech fabrics, etc.

Window covering products, awnings

From motorized blinds to solar powered shades, from 15% sunscreen fabric to total blackout fabric, we can help you find whatever you’re looking for. Window covering products are no longer simply about blocking the sun; they also contribute to energy-saving and can be a statement part of your home decor.



Roofing products

Green roofing is a great way to help the environment, by protecting against city heat islands and excess water run-off. Choosing the best roofing products will ensure that the roofs you build last for many decades.




Industry Analize



Our initial founder, Neo Zhang, has 8 years of international consulting business experience in both China and Canada. After 5 years’ working in Shanghai, gaining experience from his family’s business in the building materials and home interior industries, and collecting information from various industry trade shows in China, including fabrics, toys, building materials, roofing products, window coverings etc, he has built a large business network spreading across multiple industries.

In 2012, he finally established his consulting and import business in Montreal, helping local manufacturers to buy directly from Chinese manufacturers.

By using his connections in different industries and building a strong quality control team in China, he has helped Canadian clients save mass time and money while acquiring quality products at an extremely low price.


Services we offer

N eo Materials & Consulting Inc. have the most cost-effective business model, the cross-border B2C model. We provide consulting services in a wide range of areas, including analyzing the current industry situation, manufacture inspection, communication, quality control, documenting and importing. This model has the least paperwork, the least logistics, no middle man, no extra fees, and saves money and time by shipping from Chinese factories to your warehouse directly. The service truly is one-stop service.

We guarantee half price on most products that you buy, although products can sometimes be 2 to 3 times cheaper than wholesalers’ in Canada. It also depends on the supplier and quantity.

Industry Analize: 100%
Factory Inspection: 90%
Tailored Business Trips: 80%
Communication: 100%
Banking: 100%

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